A Quick Guide to ASO: How to Get Quality Installs to Your App

A Quick Guide to ASO: How to Get Quality Installs to Your App

Got a great app but not getting enough installs?

You may need to increase your search visibility. Here’s your quick guide to ASO (app store optimization) and how to get the quality installs you need. Your app might be the best thing since sliced bread but if people can’t find it in the app stores, what good is it? Keep in mind that no matter what channels your visitors came from (organic search, paid campaigns, social media, or cross-promotions), the app stores are the most crucial point in your app marketing funnel where all your potential consumers come together. Understanding the reasons they’ve come to your particular app and what interests them will help you customize your app store messaging, layout, and design and appeal to your target audience. This will in turn increase your app conversion rates and search visibility. That’s where ASO (app store optimization) comes into play. With over 1.96 million apps available for download on the App Store and 2.87 million apps available for download on the Google Play Store the competition is stiff but taking into account that 88% of the time people spend on their phones is spent on apps, yours definitely has a good chance of getting the installs you need if you play your ASO cards right.

What is ASO?

Similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) used for websites, ASO (App Store Optimization for the App Store and the Play Store) is kind of like SEO for apps. It helps you find ways to stand out in a crowd of apps by improving your app’s visibility within the app stores and ranking higher, driving organic traffic into your app, and increasing your app conversion rates. The goal of an ASO optimization strategy is to drive more traffic to your app’s page so that your target audience will take one simple action and download your app. Since the App Store and Play Store have many guidelines and rules, you must follow their requirements to a T while finding the best way possible to present and describe your app so that it uses all the right keywords to improve its visibility on the two app stores. This lengthy and let’s admit it, quite a complex process, will ensure you generate quality leads and increase your app’s installs.

Why Do You Need ASO?

The whole point of ASO is to maximize your downloads and make your app more discoverable by the right users. ASO holds the power to make your app as visible, and as attractive as possible to your potential users on the app stores. Once your ASO rates are higher more high-quality and relevant users will find you and download your app. Furthermore, a good ASO strategy will guarantee that your app users not only click on your App Store link but also potentially make a purchase, helping you to monetize your app. A good ASO strategy will also reduce the costs of user acquisition (cost-per-install) and paid marketing actions.


What is ASO?

What Does ASO entail?

There are three methods of achieving organic downloads: by searching for the product in the store (name of the app), by searching for the category (e.g., lifestyle, games, etc.), and by using specific phrases (joining words or user values which the user searches for, e.g., home physical training). The first method, the best and most used, drives the most traffic; the third method is the weakest. There are various components to an ASO strategy. Here are the major ones:

  • The App Name

For starters, choosing the right app name is crucial. It should include not just the brand name but also choice keywords. App titles, as well as subtitles, containing keywords have been shown to have a 10% higher ranking than those without. This is the first impression a user gets, a crucial aspect on which people base their download decision.

  • The App Logo

Testing to make sure you have the right logo, we can ensure you make a solid, strong first impression that communicates your app’s quality and purpose.

  • App Descriptions & Keywords

A short description as well as a long description emphasize your brand’s innovations and/or advantages. Keyword research into what are the most relevant and most often used words and terms by your target audience is required here. It will enable you to include keywords in your app description that will lead users to your app and ensure them that this is the right app for their needs. Another helpful step is to monitor your competitors to realize how you compare.

  • App Screenshots

Just like a shop window, your App Store screenshots need to communicate visually to the users and spark their interest as well as illustrate how your app looks like. The use of exciting colourful backgrounds and placement of information will showcase your brand and entice users to choose your app above all the rest. It is important to note Google and Apple’s particular layout and size requirements.

  • App Categories

This can be tricky. You need to first define the main category, but also be aware that your app can fit into more than one category. It is necessary to research which category is searched more, which categories are more popular, and to review this continually owing to changing trends. Proper use of App Store Optimization KPIs and an organized, holistic work plan, which is both organic and monetized, drives quality traffic to the app home page.

  • App Localization

To expand your target audience and take your app to a global market, you have to adapt your app and localize it. You don’t necessarily have to start from scratch to do this but can rather use existing metadata, keywords, visuals, etc, and simply have them translated.

  • App Ratings & Reviews

Taking your users’ feedback into account is an essential element of your ASO strategy. The better your rating, the more relevant your app will be compared to its competitors and the higher it’ll rank. In fact, research has found that 50% of mobile users won’t consider an app with a 3-star rating. This means your business has to reply to reviews as well as take them into consideration.

How to Get Started?

As you’ve already gathered, building your app’s ASO strategy isn’t as straight forward as it sounds. The success of a mobile app is never built overnight – it takes a lot of time and work, involves a deep understanding of the processes, measurement of the results and A/B testing, and analyzing the effectiveness of certain marketing actions. Using external software that specializes in ASO for applications as well as working alongside experts and content writers who specialize in writing for app stores is crucial to your app’s success. Ready to get the quality installs your app needs and increase your conversion rates? Contact us today to learn more.

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