KPI & Work Plan

Key Performance Indicators, Setting goals & objectives, build accurate work plan to achieve your app's goal conversions


What is KPI (Key Performance Indicators)?

You simply can’t succeed or even set out on creating an app without knowing your key performance indicators, i.e., just how successful you really are in terms related to your app: revenue, subscriptions, useability, and in-app purchases. Creating a KPI is an essential step you simply can’t set off without. Quantitative metrics must be set in order to decide whether the app has been successful over different times (on a monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually time frame).

How do we do it?

Based on these goals, depending on the purpose of the app, we build a broad holistic work plan which dictates our message, the value we want to emphasize, the solution we give to the user, ways to recruit users, and ways to return users. This stepping stone is crucial for making your app stand out from the competitors, justify its existence on the app store and on user's phones, and showcase its purpose.
We implement the right tools and platforms for your specific app and set up ad campaigns, perform analytics, and automation to secure and reach your app’s goals. Happy Marketing is the ASO company you need to improve your app.