User Acquisition

Acquire high-quality new users through omnichannel & holistic plan (organic, campaigns and more)


What is user acquisition?

User Acquisition helps your app reach new users or potential customers through marketing-driven activities. Without User Acquisition there will be no conversions nor will you be able to achieve your KPI goals. In order to ensure quality downloads and convey an accurate and correct message, it is important to create a work plan that utilizes quality platforms and tools.

Why do you need user acquisition?

An app that doesn't manage to recruit quality users will be lost in a sea full of competing apps currently flooding the app stores. A holistic (sponsored and erogenous) work plan will help create as many relevant platforms as possible in order to increase the application's reach and its user base.

How do we do it?

We’ll begin by creating a holistic program that involves many different platforms, implementing innovative ideas and creative ways to produce quality and significant downloads, ensuring your app’s steady growth, and guaranteeing you get the best return on your ad investment.

Once we've constructed a broad digital marketing plan with the use of advanced analysis tools, we'll be able to guarantee the app's growth rates in a way that will best suit the goals and objectives we've set for the app.

Other than working on obtaining and increasing organic traffic, we'll set up, manage campaigns, and scale goals using paid media tools, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, and more. We have plenty of creative ideas for increasing traffic not only through paid media, but by our understanding and implementing of trends, the collaborations we do, using influencers, email marketing, and much more.

We will do just that by producing a correct and accurate message that conveys the app's value to its targeted audience. We will also use the different social platforms in order to build the app's brand perception online, showcasing it as the app that offers the most to its users, versus the competitors.