Increase users' revenue, engagement or activities.


What is retention?

In the app industry, the costs for a quality user only increase. Loyalty erodes and the user leaves the app very quickly. The industry also suffers from the side effect of app removals. It is crucial you keep your re-engagement levels high and lower your app’s churning rates.

There are several reasons why a user who chooses to download your app will not necessarily be loyal to you and will stop using the app even if it has served him well in the past. Therefore, our goal is to return users who have removed the app, increase usability in the app, increase customer share (in purchase apps), and justify the app’s presence on the user’s most valuable possession - their phones.

How do we do it?

We set up an organized plan based on goals and a unique and personal message according to the customer's journey (when they churned and why). We use a holistic approach as well as several platforms in order to return churned users to the app, increase customer shares, re-target users who haven’t converted, and target unengaged users. We use many different platforms and creative work frames in order to achieve results and contribute to your app’s growth rates.

We work with all apps, including gaming, subscription, travel, dating, utility, and shopping apps.