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What is app technology?

Investing in technology is a key step that every app (old or new) has to take.

Analyzing where potential users are and how to reach them but most importantly how many existing users you already have, what actions they're taking, and where they came from are all essential data you have to invest in.

Finding out whether users have come through organic sources such as newsletters, social posts, SMS, collaborations, or influencers or whether they've reached your app through sponsored campaigns is crucial for your app's success.

How do we do it?

Each analysis requires different software (there are several leading platforms including Firebase, Facebook Analytics, Appsflyer, and more). We are able to identify which analysis system meets the need of the app since each system requires different event mapping that suits its features. We contribute our knowledge of which system to choose, how to perform event mapping that is relevant to the system, and how to read and analyze the data. We also accompany developers in the implementation of the systems, all in order to reach your target audience and your marketing goals. Happy Marketing is your solution to ASO services.